Don't let anything get in the way of your fitness goals! The TG Breakthrough Program is the one-stop-shop for at-home workouts, nutrition & mindfulness content, mobility walkthroughs and SO MUCH MORE! Join the TG Fitness community for unlimited lifetime access to live Q&A's, downloadable PDF's, weekly workouts, accountability logs and more.



"I have been training with Tony Greco since 2007. That's 14 years of him helping me stay at the top of my game, take care of my mind, my body, nutrition, mindfulness - everything. Tony Truly helps me train like an athlete! I wouldn't be where I am today without TG." 

Claude Giroux, NHL Captain - Philadelphia Flyers


Trainer of choice to professional athletes and A-list celebrities such as Claude Giroux (Philadelphia Flyers), Dan Boyle (New York Rangers), Mike Fisher (Nashville Predators), country star Carrie Underwood, former supermodel Carol Alt, and Entourage's Kevin Dillon.



We have designed functional fitness programs that you can perform anywhere with minimal equipment in UNDER 30 MINUTES! Get your workout in on the go! Tony Greco uses Temp Training principles delivering 3 brand new workouts EVERY WEEK!


Your dream body is like your dream car. Give it the fuel it needs to perform its best. We'll take out the guesswork with meal plans, grocery lists and other downloadable content & videos. 


All change starts with the mind. Training your mind goes hand-in-hand with training your body. Tony speaks with various mental-health and mindfulness experts to share messages and tactics for how to be more aware.


Why Should I Join TG Breakthrough Program?

How many times have you decided to make a change to your overall health, whether that be starting a new diet, enrolling in a new gym, or trying that new meditation app?

Have you experienced that feeling of trying a workout plan for 2 weeks before giving up and going back to your old ways? Don't you feel like there's just too many programs, videos, diets, and information out there on the internet?

If you can relate to anything I just said, you're in the right place. My name is Tony Greco and if you watch the video above, you'll get an idea of my experience in the fitness world.

But this isn't about me - it's about YOU. I've put together an incredible fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and mobility series to help you build up your body and strengthen your mind.

By joining this program, you'll benefit from THREE brand new workouts every single week (that's right, no 2 workouts are the exact same). This leads to muscle confusion, which leads to stellar results.

I've been able to use a ver unique method of strength training called Tempo Training to train everyone from office workers to elite NHL players and achieve amazing results.

But you see, taking care of your body is only part of the equation. With this program, you'll also get weekly videos on MINDfulness, nutrition, and mobility. These all work hand in hand to make you feel amazing.

But that's not all. By joining TG Breakthrough program, you'll also gain access to a community of other fitness enthusiasts and enjoy monthly Live Q&A's with yours truly!

Make the investment in yourself today.

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"This program absolutely changed the way I look at fitness. No longer is my physical health something out of reach, but instead something tangible that I can feel and see improving with every single session."

Justine Decristoforo,
Canadian Border Services Agency

Working out with Tony made such a positive impact on my life. Not only did I get physically stronger, I also got mentally stronger. I accomplished body goals I was never able to reach on my own. I’ve worked out for years and always followed a healthy diet but it wasn’t until I began training with Tony that I finally saw the results I’ve been working for. Seeing these results give me the motivation to continue pushing myself everyday. Thank you Tony for giving me the physical and mental strength to be my best self.

Mirabelle Clarey, 
Registered Nurse

"Working out with Tony G is a highlight of my week. He is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about all things in fitness. Tony G is completely in tune with my goals, and pushes me to meet them. He is very creative in progressing sessions, making them fun and challenging at the same time. And no two sessions are ever the same!"

Chris Lacharity,
Luxury Real Estate Agent

"Tony has trained me for years and always changed the direction of the workouts so that my body could never get used to it. My body responds in a way better than anything I've ever tried before. A recent example is a workout I believe he should patent that challenges you to fit in 5 sets of squats, deadlifts, lunges, piston press', hang-clean-to-press' & a farmers carry. If you think you're in shape, try this workout in under 30 minutes"